Our Mission Bridging together video conferencing and food/drinks to provide an unique virtual meeting experience.

Business meals in a work from home environment

About Us

The concept of GreetEat was developed during the first waves of the pandemic. While we were on lockdown and everyone was remote, the idea of continuing business lunches and meals was always discussed but never executed. Expense accounts and networking expectations remained, but the ability to do so was, and still remains, challenging.

Highly paid, skilled workers had to navigate a multitude of delivery services and video conferencing compatibility issues. This was not an efficient use of time for any party involved. The idea for GreetEat was born, and the journey to develop a user-friendly meeting platform began. Two of the founders, Kenny and Vishal, are lifetime friends who went to the same schools and played hockey together. Vishal always had the entrepreneurial spirit and started ventures back in high school. Vishal and our CTO Victor founded an online radio station and launched many ventures together. With Victor’s experience in web/application development, he was instrumental in turning our idea into a reality.

While the team knew that workers would eventually be back in the office, we also knew there would be a culture shift to the work-from-home environment. This has now been proven after the lifting of lockdowns. Remote meetings and work-from-home schedules are now part of company culture. We will be providing differentiated services, such as games, meeting hosts, and even interactive greetings as we look to the consumer side after our initial business-to-business launch.

Alongside networking and partnership building, our new application and service provides the perfect opportunity to Greet n' Eat for any occasion!

Executive Team

Vishal Patel -

CEO / Founder

Vishal has always had a passion for technology and an entrepreneurial spirit. He has been involved in multiple internet ventures. At the young age of 12, he was introduced to web development and by the age of 14, he had already founded a successful web hosting company. Soon after, he started his own internet radio station and created one of the first online Indian radio streaming services. Following this, he pursued a career with one of Canada's leading telecom providers. Recognizing the new challenges of virtual meeting logistics, he founded Greet Eat. His background in startups was pivotal in building out a team and executing deliverables. With multiple areas to contribute to, Vishal continues to guide this venture from initial ideas through development to launch.

Kenny Shimokura -

COO / Founder

Kenny started his professional insurance career over 10 years ago by taking the first insurance program in BC at BCIT. Since then, he has worked for both insurance companies and brokerages, including time at the largest international brokerage. In 2018, he was awarded the FCIP Gold award for achieving top honors in the province.Kenny's exposure to risk management and his experience in reviewing multifaceted insurance programs has given him a wide scope of knowledge across multiple industries, with a focus on startups, technology, and cybersecurity insurance. He has always kept an eye on emerging technology and trends, which he incorporates into insurance programs. With this exciting opportunity, he is looking to use his knowledge and communication skills to network and bring talented people on board. Kenny continues to build relationships and business partnerships to expand in the area of e-commerce, which will be around as long as people need to Greet n’ Eat.

Victor Sima -

CTO / Founder

Victor Sima, as the Chief Technology Officer at GreetEat, boasts two decades of expertise in mobile and web app development. Collaborating with Fortune 500 companies, he excels in crafting top-tier applications for Android, iOS, and web platforms. His strong engineering background and project success record shape GreetEat's technological landscape. Victor's forte lies in architecting scalable systems, crucial for GreetEat's foundation and growth alignment with business needs. His leadership ensures the platform's innovation and relevance in the ever-evolving food-tech domain. With Victor steering the tech division, GreetEat thrives under a seasoned leader dedicated to pioneering solutions in this dynamic industry.

News / Press Releases

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GreetEat LLC has completed a merger with National Asset Recovery Corp (OTCPK: REPO)

News Entry

National Asset Recovery Corp Announces Memorandum of Understanding to Merge with GreetEat LLC